Does your machine have a digital controller?

Does your machine have a digital controller?

Does your machine have a micro-controller or a PLC? Remember to replace your back-up battery in time.

These days pretty much all screenprint machines have digital controls using an industrial controller (PLC) or a micro controller. The software and machine parameters are retained because the memory is being powered through a special back-up battery when the machine is being disconnected. This battery has a limited life span and should therefore be replaced within 5 years after installation.

ADVICE: check with us which machines are due for a back-up battery replacement. Even touchscreens can be using batteries.

All the Viprotech machines which have been equipped with a PLC (Horizon, Mirage, Shuttle, etc.), will allow you to replace the battery yourself. Viprotech supplies clear instructions alongside the battery. Follow these instructions closely in order to prevent losing the program and setup parameters.
The Vipromat, Vipromat Integral, and Vipromat Inline are equipped with a micro controller. The batteries in these machines are integrated with the program memory chip, and therefore need to be replaced by a certified Viprotech technician.

For further information, please contact us. We will be happy to be of service.