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Viprotech is known for its innovative and high-quality custom machines. We have a well equipped development centre and qualified engineers with extensive experience in the field of electronic and mechanical automation, material handling and screen printing technique. Machines are developed, programmed, constructed and assembled in house at Viprotech. We use up-to-date 3D engineering software to develop and computer test constructions. For prototyping, we have access to 3D printing which is also part of our research and development department. In some cases we use our network of specialized product suppliers to gain expert support. In our designs we exclusively use parts from leading manufacturers with a good reputation for quality and reliability.

Viprotech has a comprehensive program of custom machinery developed. The list below is just a small sample of this program. Chances are that we have the solution for your requirements.

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High speed in-line screen printing module

A Dutch customer asked Viprotech to develop a custom screen printing module for applying high-build hazard warning icons on product labels. The module should be integrated in an existing offset printing line and interface with the control electronics. The challenge is to design a printing module which is capable of printing at high speed (up to 3600 ‘s/hour) within a very limited space. To make this possible, the squeegee carriage movement is full electronically controlled by a powerful servo motor. The squeegee carriage stroke can be set via the control panel with a 0.10 mm precision.

The design and control electronics are set-up in such a way that we will be able to use this concept in other demanding applications.


DigiLine – automatic post processing for digital printers

Viprotech was commissioned by a forward-thinking entrepreneur to develop and construct a machine which dries printed material from his digital printer, cuts it into sheets and then stacks it to a neat pile. The material is fed of a roll with a diameter of 60 cm and pre-aligned with the digital printer. The functional specifications where drawn up together with the client and the machine was built. Developments in the field of digital printing move very fast. The main advantage of this machine is that it works independent of the digital printer’s brand and model. Thus, one can at any time replace the printer for a new model while the investment in the rest of the installation is maintained. One of the major requirements is that the installation can work non-stop inline with the digital printer.

Does this concept appeals to you? Please let us know so that we can inform you further.


Glass synchronization tables

A leading glass converting company asked Viprotech to design and produce an automated transport system to convey glass between a new washing system, a new digital glass printer and a dryer. Special about this project is first and foremost the maximum size of 2.4 x 3.7 meters. With such a format it is an enormous challenge to move a 19 mm thick glass plate because of the considerable weight, as well as for a vulnerable 3 mm thin glass plate. The various units work at different speeds which the conveyor tables have to adjust to automatically. In the process, glass can be taken off or placed at random locations on the conveyor. Despite that, the control electronics must prevent the glass to come into contact with each other. In addition to the design, programming, and production of the synchronization tables, Viprotech took on the overall project management and ensured multidisciplinary coordination between the various international suppliers.

So, for project management and solving complex automation issues, you have come to the right place!


Printing onto a stack of polystyrene boxes

Viprotech has developed a special screen printing machine for an international manufacturer of polystyrene products. The modification concerns a special reciprocating table on which different size stack of boxes are printed edge-to-edge on both sides. Special attention is given to the user friendliness and flexibility with regard to setting up a large number of different size bundles.

Can you see parallels with your application? Please let us know, and let our expertise benefit you.


Printing onto truck spray suppression flaps

Scania Trucks asked Viprotech to design and produce a special printing table for their Vipromat Executive to secure the various type spray suppression or mud flaps before printing. What the mudflaps have in common is that they can be quite crooked and the underside consist of coarse needles which drains splashing water and dirt, but also pose a challenge to keep them flat during printing. The R&D department designed an economic system that clamp the mud flaps on top and bottom without hindering the manual handling.

Viprotech has a lot of experience with the fixation of difficult substrates and objects. Are you searching for a solution? Consult Viprotech!


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