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Viprotech is unique in that we not only just sell (screen print) machines, but we also develop and manufacture these completely in-house. Because of this we are uniquely qualified to realize a specified application of your needs through a combination of process and construction abilities. By applying state of the art materials and production techniques we create a 3D design- and visualization program in order to accurately present our concepts. The computer models make it possible to test and optimize the machines before being produced.

A sample of our consultancy services:

  • putting together a requirement profile and apply this to the process and technique
  • production development in a broader sense, including visualization and production optimization
  • multidisciplinary project management
  • energy-saving and production increasing modifications
  • effectively eliminating static electricity
  • advice and modifications in the framework of the European CE marking and applicable European directives and relevant standards.

Please contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.. However it does not need stay with advice only. As before mentioned it is our strong point to turn a concept into reality. In addition to this you can count on a more than adequate after-sale organization.

Custom Engineering

Viprotech produces machines that are straight forward engineered and flexible, and are therefore perfectly suited for the printing of a broad scale of materials. In general the machines of our standard line will adequately suffice for most production applications. However, sometimes there is a special requirement need such as exceptional precise tolerance, a higher substrate vulnerability, dimensions, or other functional demands required to adept existing machines to special production needs or develop a custom machine.

The machines from our broad standard Viprotech line are produced in-house and are sold through a dealer network. Besides a complete production facility, Viprotech has the use of a modernly equipped development centre. This includes qualified design specialists with an in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of electronic and mechanical automation, material handling, and screen print techniques. Because of all the required abilities being in-house Viprotech can offer you total production solutions.

In addition Viprotech can support you with:

  • developing and building custom machines
  • automation of the production process
  • adapting new and existing machines to be able to print and transport specific materials and objects

By clicking on the right button you’ll be able to view a sample of recent projects.

Preventative maintenance

Viprotech machines are renowned for their reliability and durability. In order to sustain these qualities after years of intensive use it will be important to have a preventive maintenance scheduled for your machine. The lapse time between maintenance will be largely dependent on the production environment, the frequency of use, and the strain being put on said machine. We will be happy to advice you on such matters. As the machine manufacturer we will be able to provide you with production security – especially Viprotech machines – like no other. It goes without saying that we will be using exclusively original parts for this in accordance with the appropriate specifications.

Please contact us for further information and to plan a maintenance session at your convenience.

Viprotech Service on-call

On-site Service

Preventative maintenance for your machine will greatly reduce any breakdowns and loss of production time. Regardless, to prevent this completely is nearly impossible. Loss of production time is always inconvenient as well as costly. It is therefore important that you can rely on the more than adequate service our service department provides in case of such a calamity. Whether it is an acute problem which needs to be addressed immediately, or preventive maintenance, our experienced service engineers are ready to take care of the technical issues. You can contact our service department at +31 (23) 531 91 23, or through our contact form.

Phone support

A visit from our service engineer is not always necessary. Often we, or a local contracted engineer, would be able to solve the problem through telephone support. Inquire about our competitive service rates in advance. Outside of Belgium and the Netherlands the primary technical support for your Viprotech machines would be provided by our international dealers, or local service centers. We will gladly refer you to an authorized Viprotech service provider in your region. Besides that we will always provide direct factory support when desired. For telephone support contact us at +31 (23) 531 91 23 or contact us via the contact form.

Spare parts

Together with production stock necessary for our serial production of machines in our Viprotech range, we also have a large supply of current, and less current replacement parts. This way Viprotech is able to ensure your machine being back in production as quickly as possible. Using exclusively original Viprotech parts together with the preventative maintenance will greatly increase the production reliability.

you can rely on us for;

  • complete or partial revision of your machine or machine parts
  • supplying you with original replacement parts
  • supplying you with replacement machine documentation
  • on-site repair of your Viprotech machines, and the equipement of Viprotech represented brands
  • for replacement parts that are no longer in production Viprotech will provide you with an equivalent part including clear installation instructions