The Viproclean is an economical, full automatic screen wash installation specifically designed for the medium-sized screen printing shop. The stainless steel spray compartment and tubes are equipped with a set of well balanced overlapping high pressure solvent spray nozzles, thoroughly cleaning screens up to a specified maximum size. During the washing cycle the screen is sprayed with solvent. The run-off solvent is flowing back to the solvent tank where it passes though a coarse and two fine filters before entering the solvent pump again. These filters effectively prevent the nozzles from clogging. After the washing cycle there is a pause in which the solvent spray condenses and flows back to the tank. After that, the cabinet ventilation assist in drying the screen and extract solvent fumes. The duration of the washing, delay and ventilation cycle can be set on the control panel. A low pressure inside the spray compartment prevents solvent fumes from escaping when the compartment door is opened.

The Viproclean is supplied with a custom sized safety floor (not shown on the picture) which is able to absorb the full tank capacity in case of an accidental leakage. The installation is built in accordance with the latest European health and safety regulations (CE); motors, junction boxes and switches are all explosion proof in accordance with ATEX 95 (EEx-e-II-T3). The cleaning cycle can be started and stopped by pressing a button on the compartment door, allowing the Viproclean’s control panel to be installed in an adjacent room.


  • automatic screen cleaning cabinet
  • compact construction

Special Properties

  • user friendly operation
  • well balanced spray overlap
  • no mechanical parts inside the cabinet (!)

Viproclean Control panel

Machine details



Machine properties


  • well balanced overlapping high pressure solvent spray nozzles for all screen sizes
  • no mechanical moving parts in the spraying compartment
  • two stage filter system effectively avoiding clogging of the nozzles
  • low maintenance powerful solvent pump
  • individual adjustable program stages: spraying and pause timer 0-10 min, exhaust timer 0-3 min.
  • strong exhaust fan 1600 m3/h
  • solvent working pressure gauge
  • solvent tank on rails, easy to clean and replace filters
  • spraying compartment, spray tubes and solvent tank are made of high quality stainless steel
  • custom sized safety floor able to absorb the full tank capacity
  • complies with the latest European Health and Safety regulations
  • cabinet door can be opened to the left or right – to be specified at order intake

Technical specifications and dimensions


Maximum screen size1400 x 18001900 x 23002150 x 3150
Machine width [W]600
Machine depth [L]215026503500
Machine height [H]255031003350
Machine base frame height [H1]550600600
Machine cabinet height [H2]160021002350
No. of filters1x coarse and 2x fine filter 75 micron
Operating pressure200 to 300 kPa (2 to 3 bar)
Program duration10 to 15 minutes typical
Electrical connection400V, 50Hz, 3 phase + N + Pe, 3kW

Apart from the above standard sizes, the Viproclean can be custom made to fit any screen size.

As the Viproclean is made to order, it is relatively easy to customize the cleaning cabinet to suit your specific requirements such as available space.

Our products receive continual updates and improvements to enhance quality and productivity, effectively changing its original specifications. All of the above information is to be considered as indicative. All units are expressed in the metric system. Dimensions are in millimeter [mm] unless stated otherwise.