Vipro Horizon MkII

Vipro Horizon MkII

Vipro Horizon MkII

The Vipro Horizon is a large format, semi-automatic screen printing machine with a horizontal lifting print head. The machine can print on all flat substrates standard up to a thickness of 25 mm. The far to the rear positioned lifting arms allow free accessibility of the printing table from the front and from both sides and make this machine unique. The squeegee sequence is from left to right and parallel to the squeegee movement an automatic peel-off system insures a proper separation of the screen from the printed substrate. The special shape of the floodcoater creates an ink-reservoir between the squeegee and the floodcoater to minimize loss of ink to the sides of the screen. All necessary adjustments can be made without the use of any special tools. Optionally the machine can be delivered with an automatic side take-off on the left (or right) side.

With over 250 installations world wide, the Vipro Horizon is one of the most successful screen printing machine among large format printers. Recently the Vipro Horizon has been redesigned and is now equipped with a touch screen control panel and a wide range of functions that make the machine unique in terms of reduced set-up times, user friendliness, accuracy and durability.


  • large format, semi-automatic screen printing machine
  • can be equipped with a take-off unit to the side

Special Properties

  • Smallest possible production space usage
  • modern intuitive machine controls
  • short set-up and change-over times
  • great accessibility to the printing table

Machine details


Machine properties



  • The Vipro Horizon is operated from a modern industrial touch screen that can be positioned on various locations at the front of the machine. A transparent removable foil prevents the touch screen from becoming scratched or polluted.
  • The various functions are represented mainly by icons (small schematic pictures) making the function keys speak for themselves even when the printer does not operate that particular machine every day.
  • The most common functions can be selected directly from the main menu of the large and orderly touch screen. A limited number of sub-menus (2) contain the remaining functions and settings. Every menu is on screen by name and is directly accessible (no time consuming tree structure).
  • In case of an error or warning, the built-in diagnose-system shows in both graphic and textual way the cause, location and solution on the touch screen. This diagnose-system checks the correct operation of over 25 vital machine parts and functions as well as the condition of the electric and pneumatic supplies. It also continuously checks the operation of the machine. For example: before printing a warning is issued when the screen is not secured yet or the printing table vacuum will automatically be switched on when it has been forgotten.

Print head

  • Very robust, weight compensated aluminum print head that is supported by 4 solid lifting arms. Two positive acting hardened register devices ensure a long lasting tight registration.
  • The lifting arms are positioned so far back that there is full clearance of the complete vacuum area at the front and both sides of the machine (only at 1220mm printing width). This feature largely facilitates easy handling of substrates under the screen.
  • In open position, the print head raises high up and at the same time moves backwards. This makes the screen very well accessible underneath and makes cleaning and making adjustments to the screen much more comfortable.

Printing functions

  • Heavy duty squeegee carriage that has been chrome plated for easy cleaning.
  • Independent and step less adjustable squeegee and floodcoater speed with digital read out (0.2 – 1.2 m/sec) directly from the touch screen. The controlled starting and stopping of the squeegee carriage reduces the splashing of ink. A closed-loop frequency controller automatically compensates for variations in speed during the print stroke.
  • Setting the squeegee stroke is no longer carried out by positioning conventional limit switches but rather by “teaching” exact start and stopping positions using modern encoder technology. One of the major advantages is that the actual squeegee stroke will no longer depend on the current squeegee or floodcoater speed. In other words: the exact start and stop positions will be reached with a tolerance of a few millimeters irrespective of the travel speed.
  • Multiple printing on the same material (1-10x).
  • Pneumatic change-over of the squeegee and floodcoater.
  • Pneumatic peel-off that lifts one end of the screen more with the advance of the squeegee stroke. The rate and maximum peel-off height is adjustable and independent from the printing size. The screen is always brought into horizontal position during flooding to secure an even overall ink layer. The construction of the peel-off system is made in such a way that the inevitable print distortion is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • An adjustable peel-off timer allows a delay to be set between reaching the end of the squeegee stroke and lifting the print head (e.g. when printing a negative image).
  • The off-contact can be accurately set in 0,1 mm increments, set and read directly from the touch screen (to a maximum of 28 mm) and is adjusted by an electromotor in seconds.
  • Besides a well functioning pneumatic squeegee pressure equalizer system, the operator can choose to deploy the conventional mechanical squeegee pressure system. Both systems are available to the printer. Using the pneumatic system, the operator does not have to re-adjust the squeegee after intermediate sharpening or small changes in squeegee angle. The pneumatic equalizer system continuously adjusts the squeegee pressure across the printing width during printing.
  • The ink that slowly gathers outside the programmed squeegee stroke can be brought back into the printing area by using the ink-recovery interval feature. This convenient function temporarily enlarges the print and flood stroke to recover the ink massed outside.
  • Choice of flooding directly after the print stroke (print-flood) or just before the next squeegee stroke (flood-print).
  • The squeegee carriage drive has a flexible, stretch and maintenance free tooth belt. This belt together with the hardened guiding rails guarantees a silent, very equal and vibration free movement of the squeegee carriage resulting in an erratic free movement.

Screen and Register adjustments

  • The screen can be slid into the screen holder bars from the front with little effort and may somewhat extend the print head at the front and rear. An important advantage is that at removing the ink, the screen may extend the machine largely and thus is accessible on three sides, top and underside.
  • Accurate register is obtained by moving the printing table in the solid machine chassis rather than the screen. For this purpose the table can be positioned by means of three play-free micro adjusters for X, Y direction and rotation (theta).
  • Strong pneumatic quick locking system for the screens. The machine will warn the operator if the screen is not securely locked before printing.
  • The mechanical register repeatability is better than 0,1 mm.

Printing table and Vacuum functions

  • The Vipro Horizon has a durable hard anodized, thick skin aluminum printing table. The extra dense internal honeycomb structure gives the table its exceptional flatness and rigidity. Depending on the maximum printing size, the machine has up to 5 silent, yet powerful vacuum motors. The honeycomb is drilled twice (crosswise) for a quick acting vacuum and blow back action.
  • For the same reason there are multiple vacuum connections underneath the printing table; they are mounted such that the vacuum force comes up in the center and flattens the substrate from the center out to the substrate edge. Possible wrinkles in the substrate are effectively flattened.
  • Especially for printing more porous materials a pre-vacuum time can be set allowing more time for the material to secure to the printing table. For e.g. cardboard the operator may choose to use the special foot activated vacuum. In this case the vacuum is started by pressing the foot switch once while lowering of the print head will start after pressing the foot switch for a second time. There is also a possibility to assist the lifting of heavier or light static materials after printing by blowing air. A permanent vacuum setting allows the substrate to remain into position on the printing table during register set-up. Controlled vacuum timing makes sure that static materials do not stick to the screen when the screen is lifted from the substrate. Last but not least an emergency blow back function will avoid ink to enter the printing table in the unlikely event of a ripped screen.

Production counter

  • Extensive counter function with among others: pre-set print run counter, number and percentage of finished prints, number of remaining prints, current printing speed in prints/hour and estimated duration (hours:minutes) based on the current cycle speed. The touch screen will warn the operator once the pre-set number of prints is finished.
  • Machine total cycle counter and display of the number of prints after the last maintenance.

Health and Safety

  • The Vipro Horizon is equipped with a number of emergency push buttons all around the machine perimeter, an optic emergency screen around the print head and the necessary mechanical safety screens that restrict access to potential dangerous locations. All safety components are self testing and made redundant to meet the highest CE safety standard class 4.
  • The machine bears the European mandatory CE-mark; a “CE declaration of accordance II-A” and an instruction manual in the English language are supplied, as well as a double set of electrical and pneumatic diagrams and part lists.
  • The machine runs exceptionally smooth and quiet. The highest emitted sound level is lower than 60 dB (A).

Service and Maintenance

  • Upon switching the machine on, a service counter warns the operator when it is time to conduct scheduled maintenance. With the help of a maintenance plan, the little maintenance the Vipro Horizon needs to keep the machine in good condition can quite easily be conducted by a local service engineer.
  • The Vipro Horizon has an industrial communications modem onboard. This modem allows Viprotech, after consulting the customer and within the framework of service, to remotely checkup on the machine over an ordinary telephone or fax line. The Viprotech service department will be able to quickly electronically diagnose a malfunction, correct an operation error or assist a local engineer.


  • Optionally the squeegee carriage can be equipped with a ‘pulse DC’ ionization to effectively eliminate the building of static electricity generated during printing.
  • The Vipro Horizon can be equipped with an optional automatic side take-off.
  • The machine comes with a complete set of documentation as well as a squeegee and floodcoater for the maximum print width.

Technical specifications and dimensions


Maximum print size1220x20001220x24501220x30501220x36501620x24501620x30501620x3650
Maximum screen size1750x26501750x31001850x39001850x45002250x31002250x39002250x4500
Machine width [W]3000345042504850345042504850
Max. material thickness25 mm
Off-contact3 - 28 mm
Register fine adjustment-20 to +20 mm
Squeegee speed0.2 to 1.2 m/sec.
Squeegee angle75 - 90 degree
Machine weight1050 kg1300 kg1500 kg1700 kg1350 kg1550 kg1750 kg
Electric connection400V, 50Hz, 3 phase + N + Pe, 3kW
Pneumatic connection6 bar (600 kPa), 25 nl/min
Our products receive continual updates and improvements to enhance quality and productivity, effectively changing its original specifications. All of the above information is to be considered as indicative. All units are expressed in the metric system. Dimensions are in millimeter [mm] unless stated otherwise.

De Vipro Horizon MkII is also available in a more economic version – same mechanics but with conventional control electronics.

Contact us and ask for further details. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.