Certificate of Overhaul

Exceptional good used machines are given a Certificate of Overhaul

Machines which are completely overhauled by Viprotech will be issued a Certificate of Overhaul. This certificate will ensure the (new) owner of the scope and quality of the revision work done to the machine, and are the mark of an excellent used product. Also will this be a part of the overhaul dossier regarding the maintenance and upkeep of the machine in question. This is an important document to establish the quality and worth of said machine in case of an eventual resale.

There have been cases in which a falsified certificate was issued with a machine which was not overhauled by Viprotech. Finding the source of these false certificates has our constant vigilance. You can send us your certificate at no cost so as to ensure the authenticity of this. All you need to do in this case is mail us a copy plus a photograph of the type plate which is attached to your machine. We will let you know whether or not your certificate of revision is authentic as soon as possible.


When we overhaul your machine you can be assured that we only use original Viprotech parts with the right specification and quality. The installation is done exclusively by experienced, and certified personnel. You will not find a greater assurance than this.

If you want to know more about machine overhaul, used machines or anything else we could do for you then please contact us.