Vipro Drying Rack

Vipro Drying Rack

Vipro Drying Rack

The Vipro drying rack is a high quality, space conscious solution for air drying printed materials. On a standard rack, 50 trays are mounted onto a stable undercarriage on swivel wheels allowing a fully loaded rack to be maneuvered with little effort even on a poor floor surface. The springs on both sides of the trays make is so that they open and close with ease as well as staying up even after years of intensive use. The opening angle of the lifted trays is such that it facilitates unhindered loading and unloading of the rack. The newly designed steel space retainers ensure that the individual trays stay firmly in position when closed and remain parallel to each other when opened. Vertical retainer bars avoid printed materials to slide and exit at the rear when the tray on which they rest is lifted. The undercarriage and trays are galvanized to a high polish in order to protect them from corrosion. The maximum working height of 140 cm is ideal and can be reached even by smaller operators.

The drying racks are available in different sizes and number of trays. Please refer to the ‘technical specifications and dimensions’ section below.


  • stable and compact drying rack
  • fully galvanized frame and racks


Special properties

  • comfortable working height of 1.4 m.
  • heavy duty wire stringing
  • light running castors



Technical Specifications and Dimensions


Viprotech droogrek

Standard drying racks, equipped with 3 mm wire mesh wire.

Rack size
500 x 650 (A2)620 x 910 (A1)700 x 1000 (B1)900 x 1260 (A0)1000 x 1400 (B0)
No. of trays50
Distance between trays25
Mesh patternthick wire 3 mm,
mesh 75 x 170 mm
thick wire 3 mm,
mesh 75 x 200 mm
thick wire 3 mm,
mesh 75 x 150 mm
thick wire 3 and 4 mm,
mesh 75 x 200 mm
Rack width [W]7501010109013601500
Rack depth [D]60072080010001100
Rack height [H]1580
Height top lower tray [H1]175
Height top tray [H2]1400
Rack height maximum [H3]17001800185020002150
Weight (unloaded)75 kg115 kg125 kg140 kg160 kg
Article number61-62-0506-50-Z61-62-0609-50-Z61-62-0710-50-Z61-62-0912-50-Z61-62-1014-50-Z

Drying racks are also available with 30 or 25 trays.

  • Drying racks with 30 trays are available in sizes 500×650, 620×910, 700×1000 and 900×1260 mm. The space between the trays is 25 mm and the bottom tray has a height [H1] of 410 mm. Picture of a 30 tray drying rack.
  • Drying racks with 25 shelves are available in sizes 620×910, 900×1260 and 1000×1400 mm. These racks have an increased tray-to-tray distance of 50mm. Other dimensions are equal to the corresponding rack with 50 trays.
  • Finally, there is a table model drying rack with 15 trays at a size of 500×650 mm with 25 mm distance between the trays. Picture of a 25 tray drying rack.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Our products receive continual updates and improvements to enhance quality and productivity, effectively changing its original specifications. All of the above information is to be considered as indicative. All units are expressed in the metric system. Dimensions are in millimeter [mm] unless stated otherwise.