Defining the Vipromat family

We are proud to say that the Vipromat is Europe’s most popular screen printing machine. As a semi-automatic machine, the Vipromat is available in two different models, the economic and more basic Vipromat Standard as well as a more sophisticated Vipromat Executive. In addition to those, the Vipromat is also available as a three-quarter automatic machine, the Vipromat Integral and the Vipromat Inline Cool.

The Vipromat Integral is based on the Vipromat Executive, but incorporates an automatic take-off unit and a conveyor belt that transports the printed material out the back of the machine. The Vipromat Inline Cool is the most comprehensive all-in-one machine. Beside a take-off and conveyor belt, the Vipromat Inline Cool also includes a complete UV dryer, cooling section and stacker. Printing, drying and stacking in just a couple of meters – without compromises.

The Vipromat differs from all other machines in the market today because of the compact way it is build and it’s easy use. This way the machine can be set-up quickly and machine standstill is reduced to a minimum. The Vipromat also distinguishes itself by the direction of printing (from front to rear). This way, the printer has a much better view on the screen and the squeegee. The screen can be moved freely within the screen holder bars avoiding having to re-position the laystops on the printing table for subsequent print jobs in the same screen. The aluminium printing table is centrally adjustable in height and many other features make this printing machine easy to operate. By using modern electronics all functions can be read on the display and this will give reliable information when setting up a next print job. This way the setup time is reduced to a minimum.

The table below provides an overview explaining the main differences between the four Vipromat models.

Machine ModelVipromat StandardVipromat ExecutiveVipromat IntegralVipromat Inline Cool
Machine typesemi-automatic3/4 automatic
Printing unitVinkVinkVinkVink
Take-off and conveyor belt--VinkVink
UV dryer and cooling section---Vink
Squeegee change-overmechanicpneumatic
Squeegee carriage guidingstainless steel guides with low wearing synthetic sliding shoeshardened steel guides with vibration free bearing system
Squeegee pressure systemmechanicmechanic and pneumatic pressure equalization system
Screen lockingmanual turnscrews
front and rear
pneumatic locking cylinders
Vacuum functionspre-vacuumpre-vacuum and blow-back
Off-contactadjustable by a central hand wheel. 0.1 mm resolution read-out.
Print qualitySter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_GraySter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_Turq
User friendlinessSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_GraySter_GraySter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_GraySter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_GraySter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_Turq
Short change-over timesSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_GraySter_GraySter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_GraySter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_GraySter_TurqSter_TurqSter_TurqSter_Turq
Electrical connection230V, 50Hz, 1 phase + N + Pe, 3kW400V, 50Hz, 3 phases + N + Pe
Pneumatic connection- no compressor needed -6 bar, 20 nl/min6 bar, 85 nl/min6 bar, 200 nl/min
Our products receive continual updates and improvements to enhance quality and productivity, effectively changing its original specifications. All of the above information is to be considered as indicative. All units are expressed in the metric system. Dimensions are in millimeter [mm] unless stated otherwise.