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Decorating by Screen Printing

Screen printing is a safe, fast and quality conscious way of decorating food stuff, like our customer Primus Ouwel does on their freshly produced edible paper. As a machine manufacturer specialized in screen printing equipment, we have ample of experience to cope with even the most demanding printing applications.

Please have a look at our extensive standard or special product range and contact us for more detailed information. No single application is the same. We would be happy to provide advise on your specific application.


We, Primus Ouwel, an established wafer paper factory based in The Netherlands, screen print in-house onto our own factory produced edible paper. Early 2013, we started looking for a replacement screen printing machine to work more efficiently. After establishing additional requirements we have requested a quote at Viprotech. After that, we went to see the machine in action and run a test production. The Vipromat Integral 500 x 700 was the machine we wanted because of the compact automatic take-off and quality of build.

Shortly after delivery of the Vipromat Integral in August 2013 we opted for accelerated procurement of a second machine. Both machines run side by side together to our full satisfaction for some years now.

Mr. Bart Mol, production managerViprotech Primus Ouwel logo
Primus Ouwel – Wafer Paper Factory

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